Our Goal is to figure out how Google Glass can help journalist tell stories.

Meet The Team

We are RJI Glass, a capstone group based out of the University of Missouri School of Journalism. Our goal as student researchers is to figure out ways that Google Glass will help journalists tell stories.
Contact the team: RJIGLASS@gmail.com


1010610_10152260712150712_1698208329_nKaren Rodriguez: Convergence journalism senior at the University of Missouri with a flair for investigative reporting. Enjoys listening to long TED Talks and figuring out new technology. Favorite apps  include the Police Scanner App, QuakeFeed and Buzzfeed. If she had a middle name it would be “Lié” which means connected in French. Email: krrn8@mail.missouri.edu


 Haoyang Zhang: I’m currently a senior student at the University of Missouri. I’m majoring in journalism with an emphasis in emerging media and minors in theatre. I’m originally from Shanghai, China and I came all the way to Mizzou because #thebestjschool is right here in COMO! Email: hzzx6@mail.missouri.edu



Laishi Zhou: My name is Laishi, and I am currently studying convergence journalism and psychology at Mizzou. This is my final year of college, and I am excited to have a chance to experiment with some really cool “reporting” tool before my graduation!

Email: lz2mb@mail.missouri.edu 

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