Our Goal is to figure out how Google Glass can help journalist tell stories.

How Google Glass can report the True/False Film Festival Part 1

This was the 11th year of True/False Film Festival. We were lucky to have the chance to cover it with this new technology, Google Glass. Well, we are not sure if we can still say that confidently now.

We covered the True Life Run, which was a playful marathon, Saturday morning. This marathon had lots of obstacles that participants had to go through.We ran with the participants half of the game, and shot some videos with Google Glass. It was interesting that participants were easily distracted by our Glasses even they were running breathlessly.


Yet, after we ran to the second obstacle at Stankowski field, the Glasses died. So we had to find a place to charge it, which made us missed lots of nice shots.

Later that day, we interviewed the owner, Leigh Lockhart, of Main Squeeze, a vegetarian restaurant in downtown Columbia. Lockhart said they were having 199 deals by 2 p.m. Saturday, but they were not as busy as last year, since last year was 10th anniversary. But surprisingly, one of the owners, Ruth Walker, of Bluestem Crafts said they were actually having a growing sales this year. All the other local businesses we reached out were not able to do the interview at that time since they were having a really busy, but good for them, day.


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