Our Goal is to figure out how Google Glass can help journalist tell stories.

Marni Gable Gallery Reception #Throughglass

Reporting with Google Glass will have it’s ups and downs. Follow us as our capstone team tries to figure out how Google Glass can help journalists tell better stories. 

Our first time out in the field, we covered a gallery reception at the MSA/GPC Craft Studio. It is located on the University of Missouri campus and this week it was showing stoneware art by Marni Gable. Here is a video taken with Google Glass and edited with Final Cut Pro.

Right off the bat, you see the pros and cons with using Glass.

The first con was the audio quality, from this first experience you can hear voices merging in the background during the interview with the artist. A pro is the stable video and the point of view, to me it was like a game simulator.

Aside from some technical problems, like a short battery life, because Google Glass is so new, the “wow” factor is still something journalists on the field should be aware of. On occasion I would be filming and someone would say “Omg, is that google glass!? Can I see it?.”  Which means editing these videos are a must, in order to increase the quality of reporting.

Event coverage could be an area where google glass can show a different perspective, event goers perspective.

Don’t be shy, let us know what you think!

By Karen Rodriguez

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This entry was posted on February 3, 2014 by in event coverage.


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